"Tempe Cesspool for the Arts"

aka "Tempe Center for the Arts"

  Welcome to the “Tempe Cesspool for the Arts” (aka “Tempe Center for the Arts”) a $63 million waste of money!!!

Stupid Bird

A bird at the Tempe Cesspool for the Arts

This stupid bird just sits there on a rock in Tempe Town Lake.

At first it looks like it is a fake bird designed to scare something but every once in a while the stupid bird moves so it must be real. Unless it is a robotic bird designed to scare off people.

I zoomed in on the bird and it looks real!

Better watch out bird! If you’re a homeless bird, or if your home is in this park the Tempe Park Rangers will come arrest you under the “Tempe Urban Camping Act” which is a law used to chase homeless people and animals out of Tempe.

The law is so wide and broad that just about anybody that enters the park could be arrested for violating the “Tempe Urban Camping Act”, but it is selectively enforced against homeless people. For that matter the “Tempe Urban Camping Act” applies through out the city! So if you bite into a chunk of food or snooze off at a bus stop you are violating the “Tempe Urban Camping Act”, and subject to arrest.


Tempe Center for the Arts

Tempe Cesspool for the Arts