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Tempe gives photo radar tickets to collection agency

  How do you spell revenue? Photo radar tickets? Safety? Screw safety Tempe is only in it for the money! One questions is have ANY of these people been convicted in court of the photo radar ticket violations? Probably not! City's like Tempe flush the state law down the toilet that requires people charged with photo radar crimes to be served with a copy of a ticket by a process server. The assume that you are guilty of the ticket. And of course that is what photo radar is all about - raising revenue!


Dec. 7, 2010 10:01 AM ET

Tempe cracking down on ticket scofflaws

TEMPE, Ariz. (AP) Tempe is owed big money and it wants it now.

The city is giving you one last chance to pay up if you owe court-ordered fines or fees for speeding tickets or parking citations

KVTK-TV reports the city is preparing to send thousands of people to collections, and it's going to happen this week.

Tempe Municipal Court says about 34,000 people have outstanding delinquent balances totaling about $10 million. Those accounts will be sent to collections agencies if they're not paid in full by Thursday, Dec. 9.

Once the debts are handed over, collection agencies will contact those who owe, first in writing and then by other means. www.tempe.gov/court Online: www.tempe.gov/court


Information from: KTVK-TV, www.azfamily.com/


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