"Tempe Cesspool for the Arts"

aka "Tempe Center for the Arts"

  Welcome to the “Tempe Cesspool for the Arts” (aka “Tempe Center for the Arts”) a $63 million waste of money!!!

Free food at the Tempe Cesspool for the Arts.

The City of Tempe is run by a bunch of rip off artists who only want money.

Hell us taxpayers paid for all the parks and streets in Downtown Tempe but every time the royal rulers of Tempe put on an even in Downtown Tempe or at the Tempe Town Toilet they shake us down for money to attend it.

I was simply amazed that they were giving away free food at this event! Of course the royal rulers stole the money from us to pay for the food. But usually after they are charging outrageous prices to sell it back to us.

My god instead of charging me $10 for a stinking hamburger worth no more then 50 cents they were actually giving them away! My god the royal rulers must have been on drugs that day. Or maybe it was after the article came out in the Tribune that said they spend an average of $209 on take out food at the meetings they have for 9 elected officials. That’s $209 of taxpayers money on food 9 elected officials eat!

Free food at the Tempe Cesspool for the Arts

Free food tent at the Tempe Cesspool for the Arts

Tempe Center for the Arts

Tempe Cesspool for the Arts