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Socialist Hugh Hallman is running for Arizona Governor???

  Socialist Tempe Mayor Hugh Hallman plans to run for Arizona Governor Wow!!!! Tempe Mayor Hugh Hallman the former head of the Socialist Republic of Tempe wants to run for Governor of Arizona and turn it into a socialist police state just like he did in the Peoples Republic of Tempe!!!!

I suspect Hugh Hallman doesn't like it when we call him a "socialist", but all you have to do is look up the definition of "socialist" to see that Hugh Hallman is a socialist.

President Obama also gets angry when people call him a "socialist", but again all you have to do is look up the definition of "socialist" to see that both Obama and Hallman are socialists.

Oddly while the Socialist Party has never won a major election in the USA, the Republicans and Democats that have been in power have turned America into a socialist country, with a socialist government.

Ex-Tempe Mayor Hallman enters 2014 Arizona governor’s race


Ex-Tempe Mayor Hallman enters 2014 Arizona governor’s race

Republic staff, wire reports Wed Jan 30, 2013 11:25 AM

Socialist Tempe Mayor Hugh Hallman plans to run for Arizona Governor Former Tempe Mayor Hugh Hallman has announced that he’s entered the 2014 race for Arizona governor.

Hallman filed a campaign committee Tuesday with the Arizona Secretary of State’s Office for a gubernatorial run.

The filing comes less than three weeks after the Hallman said he was considering a run for the job.

Hallman is a Republican who served two terms as Tempe’s mayor. He left office last year.

Hallman also has been an attorney and economist and served as headmaster of Tempe Preparatory Academy.

Hallman will run with traditional private financing and says he believes he needs to raise about $2 million to run a viable campaign. [Translation - Mayor Hugh Hallman needs $2 million from special interest groups to help him get elected as Governor. Hmmm... Do you think the special interest groups that give him the $2 million in loot will expect a pay back??? Hey, is the Pope Catholic!!!]

The Republican had created a Facebook paged dedicated to his potential gubernatorial candidacy, and his representative sent a prepared statement earlier in the month to The Arizona Republic about a possible run.

“Over the next few months, I will be traveling the state of Arizona to speak with and listen to people from all walks of life about what’s really important to them in their state government, and how we can address our priorities successfully,” [Translation - He will say whatever the people want to hear to get their votes???] Hallman’s statement said. “At that time, I will make a final decision about pursuing elected office. I have one particular elected office very clearly in mind — the office of Governor of Arizona.” [Gee Mayor Hallman, from the headline of the article I didn't think you were running for dogcatcher. Although I might vote for you for dog catcher, I would never vote for you as any other office!!!]

Hallman joins a growing number of Republicans and Democrats who are lining up for potential candidacies. On the GOP side, Mesa Mayor Scott Smith, Secretary of State Ken Bennett, state Treasurer Doug Ducey, Attorney General Tom Horne, state Sen. Steve Pierce and Mesa businessman Wil Cardon have been mentioned as possible contenders for the party's nomination. [Wow!!! Some choice!!! Sounds like an election where you can choose between Hitler, Stalin and Mao!!! Ain't democracy great???]

Hallman in his statement touted his involvement in civic, educational and community organizations, saying his mother Evelyn “instilled in me this lifelong commitment to public service,” while his father, Lou, a teacher, taught him perseverance. [Translation - usually that means they have never worked an honest days work in their life and they have been politicians their entire career!!!!]

“We live in a time of more negativity than any time I can remember in my entire life — not only on the national level, although that’s where most of the attention is focused,” Hallman stated. “In Arizona, the crux of the problem lies in a divided public policy environment, in which the solutions to problems seem less important to some than political points. Despite this poisoned policy divide, we live in a beautiful and exceptional state filled with wonderful people, and so I know in my heart these struggles with even basic issues can be addressed productively and positively.” [Translation - I think that means since he can't amaze them with brilliance, he is going to baffle them with BS!!!]


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