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Tempe cops seize 1,761 fake IDs on Mill Ave

  Let's say each case involves 15 minutes of one cops time, which is probably conservative because frequently several cops will show up on one call.

That means the police spent 440 hours on this which at a min pay rate of $25/hr cost the taxpayers a total of $11,000. And that is just a low ball estimate, it probably is much higher in reality. Tempe cops start at about $50,000/year which is about $25/hr before benefits. Many cops make in excess of $100,000 or even $150,000 a year which is $50/hr to $75/hr.

My question is wouldn't that money be better spent hunting down real criminals instead of teenagers trying to have a beer???

Don't laugh many countries don't have a minimum age for drinking liquor. When I used to travel in Mexico there was no minimum age for drinking.


Tempe police: 1,761 fake IDs seized on Mill Avenue in 2012

By Jackee Coe The Republic | azcentral.com Wed Feb 13, 2013 4:44 PM

The Tempe Police Department and businesses on Mill Avenue seized more than 1,750 fake identifications from underage people last year, authorities said.

They seized 1,761 fake IDs from people trying to get into bars, clubs and other businesses on Mill Avenue that sell alcohol, Tempe Police Department spokeswoman Molly Enright said.

Mill Cue Club had the most seizures, with 378, followed by School of Rock Mill Ave club with 285, according to police data. Rounding out the top five were Canteen Tequila Bar with 194; Firehouse Tempe, which opened Sept. 12, with 149; and Vintage Lounge and Grill with 136.

School of Rock Mill Ave, Mill Cue Club and Canteen were the top three locations for arrests, with 54, 31 and 14, respectively.

The total number of cards seized last year is the lowest in the last three years. There were 2,138 seized in 2011, and 1,926 seized in 2010.

The Police Department and businesses in downtown Tempe work together each year to prevent underage people from using fake IDs, Enright said. Officers provide training to staff and management on current trends and how to spot fake IDs.

Enright said the number of fake ID cards seized last year illustrate “the commitment and dedication by the management of Tempe businesses to follow the law and prevent the serious consequences that can result from underage drinking.”

“We want to send a clear message that the person to whom you hand your ID is trained in the area of falsified identification detection,” she said. “Those using a fake identification can be arrested and fined.”


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