"Tempe Cesspool for the Arts"

aka "Tempe Center for the Arts"

Kyrsten Sinema loves the Tempe Center for the Arts

  If you think about Kyrsten Sinema's background and political history she would probably fit in rather well as a royal ruler of the city of Tempe.

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If you love taxes and hate guns like most members of the Tempe City Council your will probably love Kyrsten Sinema.

If you are like Harry Mitchell and you think most people are too stupid to run their own lives and that most people need a government nanny to tell then how to live you will probably get along with Kyrsten Sinema real well.

If you love cops and think that marijuana should be effectively illegal by taxing the krap out of it you will probably love Kyrsten Sinema and her proposed 300 percent tax on medical marijuana.

If you are a socialist and think that the government knows how to spend your money better then you do you will love Kyrsten Sinema. I am sure that Kyrsten Sinema thinks she can spend all the money in YOUR wallet much better then you can.


Tempe Center for the Arts

Tempe Cesspool for the Arts