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Parking Meter Crooks on Mill Avenue in Tempe


Tempe shakes down drivers that visit Downtown Tempe!!!!


Downtown Tempe parking changes discourages customers

By the Southeast Valley editorial board

Here’s a candidate for a textbook approach to discouraging business:

Extend the hours that payment is required around downtown businesses from 6 to 10 p.m. Post the hours on the meters in such small type that only a professional meter reader, or maybe a mind reader, could decipher. [Hey the royals rulers of Tempe can make a lot more money by shaking people down for a $42 fine if they hide the hours and make people think parking is free after 6 pm like it used to be, then collecting the lousy $5/hr parking fee]

Then charge $42 for anybody who gets a parking ticket.

That’s what the city of Tempe has done in and around the Mill Avenue area, as well as on College Avenue and Fifth Street in downtown Tempe. And this is what has to change.

Business, civic and community leaders recently expressed concern about the parking situation when members of Mayor Mark Mitchell’s advisory group met recently. Some of them are worried that parking is becoming such a hassle that customers might throw up their hands and avoid Mill altogether. [We are told that government is here to help us, but as in this case we usually get screwed by government]

They discussed the issue with the Downtown Tempe Community, which manages the Mill Avenue District for landowners and manages city-owned parking. [How come a private corporation (DTC Inc or Downtown Tempe Community Inc) manages the city owned parking???? Also note that the elected members of the Tempe City Council are also on the board of the private non-government corporation]

Among those expressing concern were Harry Mitchell, the city’s former longtime mayor and a former congressman, and Mill Avenue restaurant owner Julian Wright.

Paying for a parking space at night that used to be free after 6 p.m. then returning to one’s car to find a $42 ticket “is off the charts ridiculous,” Wright said.

Changes could easily be made.

The time for charged parking should be scaled back to 6 p.m.

Signs should be posted that clearly spell out the hours and the fines involved, so that downtown customers need not have 20/10 vision to figure out the lay of the land.

Mitchell said the city could require businesses to contribute money to provide free parking because it would benefit their customers. [What a JERK!!!! I thought the taxes we all paid were supposed to pay for that!!!]

All of these ideas are worthy, if city leaders really want to maintain Mill Avenue as a popular destination. [I suspect the royals rulers of Tempe are more interested in shaking down people that visit Mill Avenue for money, then having Mill Avenue be a popular destination!!!]


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