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Tempe messy yard cops don't like phallic shaped trees!

Tempe messy yard cops don't like phallic shaped trees! Don't these messy cops have any real criminals to hunt down?

I have seen a number of dead palm trees that have been carved into tikis and other stuff buy I never heard of a messy yard writing a person a ticket for a dead palm tree carved into a tiki.


Tree carved in shape of penis in Tempe offends some

Feb. 11, 2010 06:12 PM

12 News

A dead tree is creating quite a stir in one neighborhood in Tempe these days. Neighbors say the carved woodwork went up in the backyard of a home in the 2000 block of E. Dunbar a few weeks ago.

"They carved it, all by themselves it looks like," said Susan Wood, who lives nearby.

"I'm a little bit speechless," said Wood. "A little bit funny but probably something that needs to be taken down."

"I'm thinking it looks a little phallic," said Tim Sunday, who was driving by.

"It's 8 feet tall," said Aaron Freidman, who walks his dog by the carved object daily. "It's a big tree that was carved into a male phallus."

The City of Tempe received at least one anonymous complaint about the carved tree last week. The owner was issued a violation notice for having a dead tree, said Jeff Tamulevich, code compliance administrator for Tempe.

"The violation was served," said Tamulevich.

Neighbors say the tree was dead and unattractive before it was carved up. The wood now rises over the side of a cement wall in the owner's backyard where it is visible to people walking by.

The homeowner was not available for comment right away.

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