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Tempe photo radar IS all about REVENUE!

  I guess photo radar IS all about REVENUE!

Redflex gets $35.50 per citation for fixed cameras and $37.50 per citations for mobile camera units. Redflex issued more than 50,000 citations in 2008 which is over $1,775,000 in revenue for Redflex.


Tempe, Redflex dispute traffic-school fees sharing

by Derek Quizon - Nov. 12, 2010 12:00 AM

The Arizona Republic

Tempe and Redflex Traffic Systems, the company that manufactures speed-enforcement cameras, are in a dispute over revenue generated from traffic-school fees.

There are fixed traffic cameras along two stretches of roads in Tempe - along Rural Road near Arizona State University and along Priest Drive in the northern portion of the city.

The camera along Rural alone resulted in more than 50,000 citations in 2008, accounting for half the city's speeding tickets.

Citations given by the cameras cost around $200. Redflex gets about $35.50 per citation for fixed cameras and a $37.50 share of citations issued by cameras in one of the city's mobile units.

The company gets an equal share of citations reduced by an agreement to attend traffic school; those usually cost defendants around $88.

But Redflex also wants a share of the fees generated by traffic cases in which motorists decide to go to traffic school in lieu of paying a citation.

In those cases, defendants can have the citation dismissed and avoid having points assessed to their license by attending the classes.

But they still have to pay fees, which are split between the city and the school administering the classes.

City Attorney Andrew Ching argues the city's contract doesn't require it to share those fees with Redflex.

The contract, first approved in 2007 and picked up for a one-year renewal at a July 1 City Council meeting, pays the traffic-camera company per paid citation, which the city argues does not include fees associated with the classes.

The company first brought up the issue last year, but the two sides agreed to stay in business together until they could find a compromise. Ching said the city is discussing a few possible compromises with Redflex, but did not go into details, citing attorney-client privilege.

Redflex declined to comment on the dispute.


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