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Tempe Police Chaplains Program

  What part of mixing government and religion is unconstitutional don't these pigs understand? This program violates both the Arizona Constitution and the US Constitution:
Arizona Constitution:

Article 2 Section 12. ... No public money or property shall be appropriated for or applied to any religious worship, exercise, or instruction, or to the support of any religious establishment. No religious qualification shall be required for any public office or employment ...

U.S. Constitution:

First Amendment: Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion ...

Tempe Police Chaplains


The Tempe Police Department is pleased to announce the formation of its Chaplain Program. A group of four volunteers was chosen in December of 2007 and has been available to provide spiritual assistance to Police employees and their families on an on-call basis ever since. These Chaplains will also be available for Critical Incidents, Weddings, Funerals, and other employee requested needs.

Our four Chaplains have the following responsibilities:

RESPONSIBILITIES: (as requested)

  • Responding to Critical Incidents
  • Officiating at Funerals
  • Assisting with Notification of Death or Serious Injury
  • Conducting Hospital Visitation
  • Conducting Home Visitation
  • Providing Counseling
  • Assisting with Public Ceremonies
  • Officiating at Weddings
  • 10 hours worth of ride-alongs per month
  • Periodically attending briefings

For further information on this program, please contact Officer Brandon Banks at brandon_banks@tempe.gov or at 480-350-8856.

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