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Tempe Town Toilet causes nothing but problems for local residents.

Tempe Town Lake causes nothing but problems for Tempe residents.

  While the royal rulers of Tempe (aka the Tempe City Council) love the Tempe Town Toilet for the revenue it generates for them, most residents of Tempe hate the Tempe Town Toilet.

The huge events at the Tempe Town Toilet cause huge traffic jams for residents that live in the area. The city of Tempe routinely blocks off streets for these silly events.

There are 3 main north south roads that people travel into Tempe, Rural Road, which is also Scottsdale Road, Hayden Road, which is also McClintock Drive, and Mill Avenue.

These 3 roads are usually blocked off and people must either reroute their trips to the west on Priest Drive, or to the east on the Pima or Price Freeway.

The rock concerts held at the Tempe Town Toilet can be heard almost two miles away at McDowell Road and 64 Street in Scottsdale and keep local residents awake at night, in addition to causing huge traffic jams.

I am not sure how many files to the south these events bother people, because don't live in the south part of Tempe.

The huge events at the Tempe Town Toilet also cause crime as criminals love to find victims in the huge crowds the events bring to Downtown Tempe.

The idiots on the Tempe City Council love to brag that the Tempe Town Toilet is the number two tourist attraction in Arizona right behind the Grand Canyon.

I suspect number wise they are correct, but they are not attracting nice, well behaved tourists to the Tempe Town Toilet. The Tempe Town Toilet's events attract mostly local teenagers and young adults who come to Tempe to party, and in the process disturb the peace of local residents.

I suspect the royal rulers on the Tempe City Council could care less because all the revenue generated by these events goes into their pockets.

And last but not least these events, which almost always cost money to enter, and are very expensive prevent local residents from using the Tempe Town Toilet for the recreation use it was claimed to be built for.


Tempe Town Lake becomes enduring race venue

USA Triathlon Collegiate National Championship

By Dianna M. Náñez The Republic | azcentral.com Wed Apr 17, 2013 8:13 AM

The spotlight cast on Tempe Town Lake amid last week’s national collegiate triathlon championship has boosted the city’s image among fans of the endurance sport.

City leaders and triathletes lauded Tempe’s growing triathlon industry, noting the thousands of out-of-town visitors who participated in last weekend’s triathlon races as well as the international audience that follows the annual Ironman Arizona triathlon in November.

On Friday and Saturday, the lake looked like a massive college pep rally as more than 1,000 students from about 110 universities donned their school colors to compete in the USA Triathlon Collegiate National Championship.

On Sunday, hundreds more raced in the LeadmanTri Marquee triathlon, also at Town Lake.

Tempe City Councilman Kolby Granville was among the competitors in Sunday’s Olympic-distance triathlon, which includes a 1,500-meter swim, a 45-kilometer bike race and 10-kilometer run.

Granville said that Tempe is now home to several annual triathlon races that attract a national and international audience. The competitions showcase the city and Valley as a tourism destination for fans of the sport. [Yea, and the events also cause huge traffic jams in Tempe and Scottsdale. The loud noisy events also keep residents awake at night. And last but not least the events attract criminals to Tempe who commit crimes against local residents and participants in the events]

“Tempe can do something that nobody else can do,” he said of hosting triathlon competitions at the lake. “We have got a lake next to an airport and hotels and a light-rail stop.” [Yea, and us local resident would love for the events to move else where. We rejoiced when the Arizona Cardinals moved to Glendale from Tempe. The Cardinals games caused the same problems the Tempt Town Toilet causes]

The Valley’s warm weather attracts triathletes looking to escape the cold and extend their race season.

“That (warm weather) allows us to have triathlons at times of the year when nobody else can,” Granville said. “The Ironman Arizona is such a big event, and it happens so late in the year that you couldn’t have a triathlon in about any other place.”

Tempe tourism officials have said that the Ironman’s economic impact, which includes spending on hotel rooms, restaurants, shopping and gas, results in about $3.9 million for the city. [Along with creating huge traffic jams in Tempe, keeping residents awake at night, and attracting criminals to Tempe]

The budding triathlon industry in Tempe spurred TriSports, a Tucson-based company, to open a triathlon sports store on Mill Avenue last summer.

Mike Bromley, who manages the Tempe store and also participated in Sunday’s triathlon at Town Lake, said business boomed this past weekend amid visits from triathletes in town for the college championship.

“I kind of liken it (the triathlon collegiate championship) to the second Ironman of the year for us,” Bromley said of the commerce tied to the two major triathlon races.

The Ironman brings about 2,400 athletes and 2,000 spectators to Tempe, while the triathlon collegiate championship brings about 1,200 athletes and hundreds of spectators. [Yea, and Ironman also brings huge traffic jams to Tempe, keeps residents awake at night, and brings criminals to Tempe]

“It’s a great economic boost for Tempe and the Phoenix area,” Bromley said. [Yea, and us Tempe residents would love to see these stupid events move to Phoenix, Let them deal with the headaches, traffic jams and criminals]

Although some residents complain about traffic headaches resulting from street closures, and others argue that they are unable to use a publicly-funded park and lake because of crowds at the races, Granville said the competitions are critical to funding the high cost of operating Town Lake. [Duh, which is what the webmaster has been saying all along]

“It pays for the lake so they don’t have to,” Granville said. [We need to boot that moron Granville out of office]

The money spent by out-of-town visitors has the added benefit of boosting the city’s sales-taxes, which fund city services. [Yep, that's what the Tempe Town Toilet is all about - raising revenue for the royal rulers of Tempe]

“It’s people from outside of the city and outside of the state, which is a little bit different in that if it’s a Tempe resident that comes to the lake they are not getting a hotel room, they’re not getting a rental car,” he said.

Triathletes at Town Lake on Friday said participation in triathlon competitions is growing nationally because more Americans are trying to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Granville is a newcomer to triathlon races. He competed in his first triathlon last fall at Town Lake and has since competed in two others.

Granville said he finished Sunday’s triathlon in about 3 hours and 5 minutes. Watching the college athletes compete Saturday was inspiring, he said.

“They were amazing,” he said. “They looked like Greek gods.”

The USA Triathlon Collegiate National Championship will return to Tempe next spring as part of a two-year deal with the city.

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