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Royal Rulers of the City of Tempe

Tempe City Logo - Swastika, Hammer and Sickle, KKK Logo They like to call themselves public servants, but the way they behave, and by the way the system works they are really royal rulers. They certainly donít work for the people! Instead they serve themselves and the special interest groups that give them money!

U.S. Constitution, Bill of Rights, Arizona Constitution, Arizona Laws Ė They donít have to obey nor is their any punishment for them if they refuse to obey the U.S. Or Arizona Constitutions, or the Bill or Rights. The only recourse we have as citizens is to sue them, and for 99 percent of us we simply canít afford the tens of thousands of dollars it costs in legal fees to fight royal rulers.

Most of the Arizona laws that govern how elected officials operate donít have any criminal penalties attached to them. So if they refuse to obey these laws, they canít be tossed in jail. Our only recourse as a citizen is again to sue them. And most of us canít afford that.

A good example of this is the Arizona Public Records laws. The Tempe tyrants routinely refuse to obey the public record laws. But there is not criminal penalty for disobeying the law so they canít be jailed.

And even when they commit crimes that do have criminal penalties they are seldom charged with crimes.

Tempe Mayor Hugh "the Prude" Hallman Ė Mayor Hugh Hallman is a tyrant who doesnít understand a word of the First Amendment. Well he is a lawyer and understands it very well, but as a royal ruler and tyrant of Tempe he doesnít think it applies to him.

Hugh Hallman agenda is to force his Christian religion on Tempe and chase all the topless bars out of Tempe.

He is also a Republican who doesnít believe in the Republican mantra of less taxes, and the government that government least government best. Tempe has the highest tax rate of any city in Arizona. Tempe is also the most socialist and micro-managed city in Arizona. Thatís why we like to call it ďthe Peopleís Republic of TempeĒ.

Tempe Mayor Hugh Hallman Tempe Mayor Hugh Hallman
Tempe City Council Man Ben Arredondo Ė is probably the most dangerous of these royal rulers. He is a true politician. I will vote for your pork, if you will vote for my pork. He will never say anything he believes because he doesnít want to lose any votes.

When Peter isnít around he will always vote to have Peter pay Paulís bill. As Ben Arredondo knows very well, when you rob Peter to pay Paul, Paul will always vote for you in the next election because there will be more money in it for Paul.

Thatís how government works. You steal money from the person who canít or doesn't have time to complain and you give it to yourself or special interest groups that gave you money. Ben Arredondo works very well in this world.

We should also call Ben Arredondo Ben "Nepotism" Arredondo as he has a lot of "Nepotism" in him like the other Tempe City Council members. In this article he helped shovel $24,000 in Federal money the City of Tempe was giving out to his stepsister and her husband who were NOT qualified to receive the money!

How do you spell the words crooks and thieves, probably


Tempe City Councilman Ben Arredondo Tempe City Councilman Ben Arredondo
Tempe City Council Woman Barbara J Carter - Maybe we should call her Barbara "Nepotism" Carter or Barbara "Pot Smoking and Dope Dealing" Carter.

Barbara J Carterís son Colby Carter, is a marijuana dealer and every time her son get arrested by the Tempe Police Department she has a little talk with the Tempe Chief of Police Ralph Tranter who makes sure the police and courts cut a special deal so her dope smoking, pot selling son Colby Carter can be treated much better then any other Tempe Citizen.

Yes Barbara J Carter as a royal ruler you know that there is one set of rules for the serfs that you rule, and a second set of rules for royal rulers and their families like you.

While Barbara "Nepotism" Carter son Colby Carter makes big bucks as a pot dealer, he also needed a cut rate loan to help him buy a house. Barbara "Nepotism" Carter helped walk her son thru the ropes to get a cut rate Federal home loan for his home. Iím sure Barbara "Nepotism" Carter will say it ainít "Nepotism", but thatís just how politics works. The royal rulers do what they please.

And believe it or not Barbara "Nepotism" Carter son, Colby Carter has had a job that was legal other then his business selling pot and being protected against competitors by the Tempe Police Department.

Barbara Carter son, Colby Carter designs skate board parks. And of course the firm that Barbara "Nepotism" Carter son works for got a cushy contract to build a skateboard park for the City of Tempe. I donít know if it was a no bid contract, or if the bid and won because firms qualifications were that they had an employee who was the son of Barbara "Nepotism" Carter.

It ainít fair, but that is how government works. It is corrupt. The main thing government does is steal from you and me and give the loot to either the government rulers or the special interests that gave them money.

Hey Barb could you adopt me as your child! I need a low income home loan from the City of Tempe! And I would also like to make big bucks selling marijuana like your som while being protected by the Tempe Police Department!

Maybe we could work something out! Hey "Nepotism" is good

A police escort to get Tempe ruler Barb Carter and Pam Goronkin out of a traffic jam

Tempe City Councilwoman Barbara J Carter Tempe City Councilwoman Barbara J Carter Tempe City Councilwoman Barbara J Carter
Tempe City Councilman Mark W. Mitchell - No maybe we should call him Mark "Nepotism" Mitchell. Mark W. Mitchell is part of a long line of nepotism in the Tempe City government. Mark W. Mitchell is the son of former Tempe Mayor Harry Mitchell.

Mark Mitchell is also the brother of Tempe Police Officer Robert Mitchell who has been accused a few times of violating people civil rights along with his buddy James Jandreau.

His daddy former Tempe Mayor Harry Mitchell was also a history teacher at Tempe High School where he taught his history class with an ďiron fistĒ. Currently Harry Mitchell is a member of the U.S. Congress where in an article in todayís Arizona Republic he described himself as rounding up pork for his constituents in his Tempe district.

Tempe City Councilman Mark W.  Mitchell Tempe City Councilman Mark W.  Mitchell
Tempe City Councilman and Tempe Vice Mayor J. Hut Hutson

Tempe City Councilman J. Hut Hutson Tempe City Councilman J. Hut Hutson
Tempe City Council Woman Onnie Shekerjian seems to the the right hand man or woman of Mayor Hugh "the Prude" Hallman. Mayor Hugh Hallman put in a lot of work helping her get elected.

Tempe City Councilwoman Onnie Shekerjian Tempe City Councilwoman Onnie Shekerjian Tempe City Councilwoman Onnie Shekerjian
Tempe City Council Woman Shana Ellis

Tempe City Councilwoman Shana Ellis Tempe City Councilwoman Shana Ellis Tempe City Councilwoman Shana Ellis
Former Tempe Mayor Neil "Gay" Giuliano - Neil Giuliano likes to play the "queer card" - I'm gay so I should have special rights! He also seems to think that ďhomosexualsĒ should have special rights because they have been discriminated against in the past by governments and religions.

Well Mr. Mayor Neil Giuliano under the eyes of the government EVERYBODY should have the SAME rights! Their should not be any groups that have special rights.

Last you sound like a hypocrite, taking pride because youíre a gay person, but you let the Tempe police routinely shake down homosexuals who hang out in Moeur Park to meet up with other gays. If your were an honest ethical person you would have ordered the Tempe Police to stop discriminating against gays in the City of Tempe. But you did nothing, probably because you figured you might be labeled a little ďtooĒ gay if you ordered the police to stop harassing gays in the City of Tempe.

Tempe Mayor Neil 'Gay' Giuliano

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