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Tempe steals to honor honest people - An oxymoron?

  How do you spell oxymoron? Tempe steals money to honor homeless man who didn't steal the money.

For those of you who are not Libertarians, us Libertarians consider taxes stealing.

When the govenrment sticks a gun to your head and demands 10 percent of what's in your wallet they call it a sales tax. Libertarians call it by the correct name - "theft"!


Tempe honors homeless man who turned in cash

Dec. 10, 2010 09:39 PM

Associated Press

A homeless man who returned a sack of cash to its rightful owner is being honored.

Dave Tally, 49, was recognized by the city of Tempe for his honesty after returning $3,300 to an Arizona State University student who lost the money last month. To help Tally get back on his feet, the Tempe City Council set up an account through the city to help him out of his homelessness. He was also given a one-year Metro light-rail pass.

Tempe Mayor Hugh Hallman said he hopes the recognition of Tally encourages others to do the right thing in similar circumstances. Tally reportedly found the backpack and cash inside a Tempe light-rail station.

Flat broke, Tally said he had spent his last few dollars on parts for his bicycle when he found the backpack and cash.

Instead of keeping the money for himself, Tally took it to Stephen Sparks, operations manager at the Tempe Community Action Agency, which helps homeless people.

Sparks and Tally dug into the backpack and found the name of the owner, Bryan Belanger, an ASU student. Together they tracked Belanger down and returned the money to him. Belanger said he had taken money out of a bank account because he needed a new car after wrecking his other car last month.

Hallman said Tally, having been homeless and having suffered some devastating issues in his life, decided the right thing to do was turn in the money.

"I'm hopeful that recognizing him for his integrity will continue to help build for him the opportunity for a better future," Hallman said.


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