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Tempe, Scottsdale ranked among rudest cities in the USA


Tempe, Scottsdale ranked among rudest cities

Mar. 4, 2011 05:35 PM

The Arizona Republic

Tempe and Scottsdale among the rudest cities in the world?

That's the conclusion of a British-based social media site that allows users to check in and share "tips" about cities.

The conclusions by Foursquare were based on an analysis of its database that looked at check-in "tips" that came in from users in English-speaking cities and included the use of curse words.

The cities that came in with the most curse words were listed as the rudest.

Tempe came in No. 6, followed closely by Scottsdale at No. 7 on the list of top 20 rudest English-speaking cities, based on the analysis.

Manchester, England, topped the list. Other cities that came in ahead of Tempe and Scottsdale included El Paso, Texas; Pittsburgh; Bloomington, Ind.; and Riverside, Calif.

Cities also on the list - but not as rude as Tempe and Scottsdale, according to Foursquare - were in order of rudeness: Portland, Ore.; Venice, Calif.; Orange, Calif.; San Jose; Boca Raton, Fla.; Culver City, Calif.; Fullerton, Calif.; Los Angeles; Melbourne, Australia; Staton Island, N.Y.; Miami; Boston; and Jacksonville, Fla.

The site, which is similar to Twitter, included on its engineering blog a detailed explanation of how it analyzed the data, complete with detailed examples that only a computer programmer could appreciate. It apparently could not take into account whether the person posting the "tip" was a resident of the city or a visitor from somewhere else.

The blog advises readers to "please keep in mind that this only evaluates the rudeness of English speaking countries (like that would make a difference?)."

The analysis can be found at foursquare.com, then clicking on "blog" at the bottom. From there, click on "Eng Blog" at the top of the next page.


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