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Tempe lobbies against proposed laws

  Tempe is spending our tax dollars to lobby against proposed state and federal laws!!!!

I wonder if this is illegal?

I am against pretty much anything the royal rulers of Tempe support. I find it disgusting that the royal rulers of Tempe are taking my tax dollars and using my money to lobby for laws I am against.


E-mail list alerts Tempe residents to federal legislation

Posted: Tuesday, February 14, 2012 5:00 pm

Tempe has launched a new e-mail distribution list that will alert residents to state or federal legislation that city officials deem harmful to the city. Tempe lobbyist Chad Heinrich will produce the e-mails up to once a week after reviewing bills with the City Council and other elected officials.

To sign up for the e-mail distribution list, go to www.tempe.gov/lists and check the "Tempe Government Relations" box.


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