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Tempe officer caught texting while operating police motorcycle

  If I remember correctly when they passed the laws making it illegal to use cell phones and text while driving cops were specifically excluded from being required to obey the laws.

I certainly don't agree with that, and the police should be required to obey the same laws us serfs are expected to obey.


Tempe officer caught texting while operating police motorcycle

Posted: Friday, June 28, 2013 5:02 pm


A Tempe motorcycle officer has been disciplined after being caught texting while on the road.

Police spokesman Steve Carbajal said the Tempe Police Department does not condone this type of distracted driving and the department has specific policies prohibiting texting while operating police vehicles.

Carbajal said the department is now training its officers on distracted driving so it doesn’t happen again. [Yea, sure!!!!!]

The officer caught texting has not been identified.

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